Issue 85
- 2018-12-20
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The Evolution of Trash Bag

Traditionally Japanese market used the stacked T-shirt bags and the US market utilizes the draw-tape bags. However, T-shirt bags, inevitably, produce a certain amount of waste materials and draw-tape bags require higher technical capability and resulting in a higher cost.

So let's go waste free while wrapping our waste!

The new S-type bag, noted for its curving sealing, took the best from both worlds. While retaining the same usage habit and production methods, the S-type trash bag utilizes materials fully and produce no waste; it protects the environment and your wallet from waste materials at the same time. The S-type bag, without a doubt, is the new trend of the plastic bag market.

PAL introduces S Punch Machine Series to support this trend. The series offer an automatic and wasteless solution to the industry’s demands of trash bag. Certainly, this flexible and powerful machine series will be the next star in the market.

S Punch Machine Series Features:

- “Smart close” feature solves the inconvenience of drawing lines while packing

Flexible application and the various die cut designs allow adjustment to popular retail amount and institutional sizes.

High-speed cutting devices and no-waste punch perform at 100m/min to save both your time and materials.

Servo control die cut punch and bag folding design keep production quality steady and reduce labor cost.

Touch screen simplifies operation while meeting the CE standard.

*Machine also capable of flat bags and star-seal bags.

PLAS ALLIANCE is focusing on developing various bag making machines, until now, we aim at providing the total solution for whole packaging production line. With this PAL Express, we are pleased to share our packaging knowledge with you. Stay tuned with us! We will keep you updated with the latest market trend.