Brand Story

Your Trusted Pal
Ever since our founding, PAL was chosen as a name in order to represent what we are to our clients. We are their ‘PAL”, their partner and we work together to find the best solution for all.

With a passion for machinery, three young men, men in the 1990’s wanted to take advantage of the Taiwanese economic environment and fulfill their dreams of starting a new business. From this idea, “Plas Alliance Ltd., “was born.

This road has always been entrepreneurial rugged, all kinds of setbacks and difficulties, challenges one after another, slowly alongside the line of the original companions to leave, adding more willing to believe the partners, becoming the most solid team.

We faced lots of difficulties, challenges and setbacks in the beginning, but eventually we turned the difficulties we faced to possibilities. Though some of our members left, at the same time we found more partners that were captivated by our project and helped to make PAL a stronger, more reliable team.

To be able to face a changeable market, we believe that “there is always a better design”. We keep on developing, designing, and manufacturing different kinds of bag making and sealing machines. We have sold over 5,000 machines throughout the world and the number is still growing. From our humble beginnings, we have become the most reliable and trusted partner in bag making industry.

PAL- abbreviation of “Plas Alliance Ltd.,” means friend and partner. Being a friend and partner of our clients is the motto we have used for the past 30 years. Each client becomes part of our community. We believe that our hard work is only worthwhile when our client gains profit through the support from PAL.

Brand Vision

"We aim to be your best partner and grow up together through using our mutually profitable bag making automation business with you!"
All our technologies, innovations and services are aimed at solving the problems of our clients and to help us all increase revenue. To PAL, customers are not only customers, but also our business partner that can grow and innovate with us.

Brand Mission

"To Achieve mutual benefits with our business partners through our passion, technology and service!"
Adhering to our mission, we provide our clients with complete bag making solutions and explore the infinite possibilities of the automation packaging industry.

If you desire to stand out from the multitudes of competitors, break through the existing technology and develop your business in the automation packaging industry, PAL is the partner that you need!

Brand Value

"PAL is one of the leading lights of the global packaging solutions industry."
As one of the most well regarded bag making machine manufacturers, PAL provides a variety of packaging solutions that maximize the profits of our global clientele.
At PAL, innovation is not just a slogan, we continuously put our enthusiasm into our profession and this helps to keep PAL advancing forward.
Keeping an open mind and being flexible makes PAL able to integrate the ever changing bag making technologies. We build a diverse range of equipment which will even be beyond your own imagination!
We take machine quality seriously, this includes the operating stability and the value created by our machines.
We believe that continuous production is the key to seizing business opportunities, therefore, our prompt and effective service helps you to develop and progress your production line.