Co-extrusion high-speed zipper profile extruder

Co-extrusion high-speed zipper profile extruder
  • Zipper profile extrusion - Profile extruded by extruder directly into cooling water tank for formation.
  • AB co-extrusion - For multi-seal zipper profile sealable to both PP & PE film, extra extruder co-extrudes a coating layer of low-temp sealable material.
  • Synchronized Feeding and cutting speed : Inverter controlled feeding matching main machine speed for easy operation without manual adjustment.
  • German "Sick" photocell registration : Reliable and accurate print registration and positioning
  • LCD touch panel : Easily operable human-computer interface to access parameter changes and production monitoring
  • Socket type IC circuit control : Automated control system can be easily replaced by socket plugin.
  • Malfunction alarm / stop : Alarm & auto-stops for abnormal temperature / No material feed / Photocell tracking miss (3 times)
Available Optional Device
  • Double bag die head -
    • Double bag system will extruder 2 pairs of zipper and central slitted on cutting machine to make 2 bags
    Double bag die head
  • Chiller -
    • Chiller is required for controlling col water for zipper profile extrusion.
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