Tensionless thick gauge bottom seal bag making machine + Gripper folding system

Tensionless thick gauge bottom seal bag making machine + Gripper folding system
  • Tensionless thick gauge hot-cut system - Upper sealing blade & bottom heating wire makes strong and high speed sealing. Tensionless sealing avoids sealing line pull& elongation for highspeed production. Seperated upper and bottom temperature control for easy micro-adjustment.
  • Gripper fold - Finished bags are blocked on cold pins. Programmed gripper unit will grip and fold finished bags vertically. 1 Fold & 2 folds systems available. Folded bags are placed on conveyor for labour collection.
  • Synchronized Feeding and cutting speed : Inverter controlled feeding matching main machine speed for easy operation without manual adjustment.
  • LCD touch panel : Easily operable human-computer interface to access parameter changes and production monitoring
  • Socket type IC circuit control : Automated control system can be easily replaced by socket plugin.
  • Sealing pause : Program controlled pauses on lowest point to elongate required sealing time for thick film
  • Malfunction alarm / stop : Alarm & auto-stops for abnormal temperature / No material feed / Photocell tracking miss (3 times)
Available Optional Device
  • Tensionless sealing -
    • sealing units of upper sealing blade + bottom heating wire after the cutting blade; welding are done under tensionless film condition.
    • Strong and reliable without pulling/elongation for thin and thick films. Sealing appearance may appear ripple.
    Tensionless sealing
  • Irregular "K'sealing -
    • Diagonal sealing device sealing the gusseted films to form stand-up rectangular bottom for flat bag. Mostly used for heavy duty packaging.
    Irregular "K'sealing
  • Various hole punches - Kidney/round/notch/butterfly/others -
    • Various Hole-punch shapes available in standard or customized design. Fixed on the side of machine.
    Various hole punches - Kidney/round/notch/butterfly/others
  • Extra photocell -
    • Extra servo outfeeding + photocell for another line of printed bag.
    Extra photocell
  • Gripper folding - 1st & 2nd folds -
    • Gripper & pressor units fold large finished bags in halves and twice vertically every several pieces. saves labour folding time and cost for large bag.
    Gripper folding - 1st & 2nd folds
  • Siderway folding - 3rd & 4th folds -
    • After folding finished bag vertically, folding 1/3 horizontally for every several pieces. Saves labor folding time and cost for large bags.
    Siderway folding - 3rd & 4th folds
  • Standard conveyor -
    • Standard conveyor unit moves after counts reach. Available in connected type and separated type.
    Standard conveyor
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