Twin-line high-speed T-shirt bag making machine (Hot-cut system) + Auto-packaging system

Twin-line high-speed T-shirt bag making machine (Hot-cut system) + Auto-packaging system
  • Auto-packaging solution - Saving collection labour further by auto-packing solution. Finished piles are auto-packaged individually by printed outer bags. Customized solutions available
  • High speed hot-cut system - For printed T-shirt bags. Photocell & servo registers accurate print position. High speed hot-cut system available in 200/250/300rpm systems.
  • Twin-servo system - 2 servo controlling 2 lines with printing register accurately.
  • Tensionless high speed hot-cut system : Upper sealing blade & bottom heating wire makes strong and high speed sealing. Tensionless sealing avoids sealing line pull& elongation for highspeed production. Seperated upper and bottom temperature control for easy micro-adjustment.
  • Gripper + pneumatic punch : When counts reached, inline gripper collect and pneumatic punch cut out waste area and removed by conveyor.
  • Rocking pin block : Blocking pin base rock back and forth to avoid sealing line sticking to previous bags.
  • Synchronized feeding and cutting speed : Inverter controlled feeding matching main machine speed for easy operation without manual adjustment.
  • German "Sick" photocell registration : Reliable and accurate print registration and positioning
  • Auxiliary air-blown outfeed : Air blown assists material flow of outfeeding
  • LCD touch panel : Easily operable human-computer interface to access parameter changes and production monitoring
  • Socket type IC circuit control : Automated control system can be easily replaced by socket plugin.
  • Malfunction alarm / stop : Alarm & auto-stops for abnormal temperature / No material feed / Photocell tracking miss (3 times)
Available Optional Device
  • Tensionless sealing -
    • sealing units of upper sealing blade + bottom heating wire after the cutting blade; welding are done under tensionless film condition.
    • Strong and reliable without pulling/elongation for thin and thick films. Sealing appearance may appear ripple.
    Tensionless sealing
  • Irregular "K'sealing -
    • Diagonal sealing device sealing the gusseted films to form stand-up rectangular bottom for flat bag. Mostly used for heavy duty packaging.
    Irregular "K'sealing
  • Hot-melt glue applicator -
    • Spray or rolling-applying hot-melt glue onto film. Used foself-adhesive tape or special bag by customization.
    Hot-melt glue applicator
  • Hot-cut round Calendar Punch -
    • Heated round punch units with pneumatic punch unit melt finished piles together for calendar type bags. Round holes can be hanged on wall or racks for easy access.
    Hot-cut round Calendar Punch
  • Gripper folding system -
    • Program controlled gripper will fold finished T-shirt bag piles in half before gripping to conveyor unit.
    Gripper folding system
  • Easy-open punch -
    • Easy-open bags for supermarkets with additional punch allowing opening up next bag by removing the previous one.
    Easy-open punch
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