Zipper attachment bag making machine + Automatic slider insertion system

Zipper attachment bag making machine + Automatic slider insertion system
  • Zipper attachment system - Zipper profile are fed in and attached by continuous sealing units. Customized sealing blades based on profile styles.
  • Profile jamming alarm - Jammed zipper profile automatically stops machine and alarms to avoid breaking attachment and re-adjust time.
  • Auto-slider unit - Vibrating slider sorting & feeding unit prepare sliders into position. Mechanical insertion unit inserts sliders onto single-flange slider profiles @ max.100pcs/min. Available in direct insertion or rotating insertion.
  • Synchronized Feeding and cutting speed : Inverter controlled feeding matching main machine speed for easy operation without manual adjustment.
  • German "Sick" photocell registration : Reliable and accurate print registration and positioning
  • LCD touch panel : Easily operable human-computer interface to access parameter changes and production monitoring
  • Socket type IC circuit control : Automated control system can be easily replaced by socket plugin.
  • Malfunction alarm / stop : Alarm & auto-stops for abnormal temperature / No material feed / Photocell tracking miss (3 times)
Available Optional Device
  • Irregular "K'sealing -
    • Diagonal sealing device sealing the gusseted films to form stand-up rectangular bottom for flat bag. Mostly used for heavy duty packaging.
    Irregular "K'sealing
  • Auxiliary sealing -
    • 在袋子的特定位置进行热压和封口,例如在4层和2层位置之间的折角间隙,以达到稳定可靠的封口。
    Auxiliary sealing
  • Auxiliary intermitted ultrasonic sealing -
    • Crushing and sealing zipper on zipper film & zipper profile for water-tight and good side-sealing performance
    Auxiliary intermitted ultrasonic sealing
  • Various hole punches - Kidney/round/notch/butterfly/others -
    • Various Hole-punch shapes available in standard or customized design. Fixed on the side of machine
    Various hole punches - Kidney/round/notch/butterfly/others
  • continuous perforation device -
    • Circular perforation blade are fixed and perforated line parallel to material feed direction.
    continuous perforation device
  • Saw-type hole punch -
    • Saw type punch for punching hole on thick-gauge film
    Saw-type hole punch
  • Triangle folding device -
    • Sheet film is folded in half by passing triangular frame and pinch.
    Triangle folding device
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