Diaper bag making machine
Diaper bag making machine
  • Diaper bag handle film insertion - Separate unwinder unwinds and feeding the handle film for diaper bags.
  • Wicket hole -
  • Side seal system : Sealing and cutting done simultaneously and pull by rocking take out belt conveyor. Finished bag collected on table or conveyor.
  • Synchronized Feeding and cutting speed : Inverter controlled feeding matching main machine speed for easy operation without manual adjustment.
  • German "Sick" photocell registration : Reliable and accurate print registration and positioning
  • Auxiliary air-blown outfeed : Air blown assists material flow of outfeeding
  • LCD touch panel : Easily operable human-computer interface to access parameter changes and production monitoring /li>
  • Socket type IC circuit control : Automated control system can be easily replaced by socket plugin.
  • Malfunction alarm / stop : Alarm & auto-stops for abnormal temperature / No material feed / Photocell tracking miss (3 times)
Available Optional Device
  • Horizontal sealing device -
    • Additional up-down sealing unit seals film together parallelly to the material feed; used for Courier pockets, fold mouth sealing, etc.
    Horizontal sealing device
  • Auxiliary sealing -
    • Heat-pressing and sealing on specific position on the bag, such as gusset gaps between 4 layer and 2 layer position to achieve stable and reliable sealing.
    Auxiliary sealing
  • Various hole punches - Kidney/round/notch/butterfly/others -
    • Various Hole-punch shapes available in standard or customized design. Fixed on the side of machine.
    Various hole punches - Kidney/round/notch/butterfly/others
  • Central Slitting device -
    • Fixed slitting blade slitting film material during material feed.
    Central Slitting device
  • Auxiliary heated pressor -
    • Press and crease film such as CPP/BOPP to form definite folding line with heated pressure roller.
    Auxiliary heated pressor
  • Triangle folding device -
    • Sheet film is folded in half by passing triangular frame and pinch.
    Triangle folding device
  • Standard conveyor -
    • Standard conveyor unit moves after counts reach. Available in connected type and separated type.
    Standard conveyor
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