Drawtape garbage bag on roll making machine

Drawtape garbage bag on roll making machine
  • Humanized interface panel controlled by digital computer will follow up whole working status provides perforation & sealing position adjustment and bag size setting without stopping the production, very easy operation.
  • Sealing & cutting synchronized system to avoid sealing and perforation line not displacement.
  • Automatic coreless rewinding system, applicable for HDPE, LDPE, and recycling film used.
  • Adopting up-down heating, hot-cut system, tensionless sealing ensures strong sealing on bags.
  • Infeed speed controlled by inverter, the speed of main machine and infeed are synchronized, no adjustment is required, very easy to operate it.
Available Optional Device
  • Double triangle folding device -
    • Folding finished bag vertically prior to rewinding or horizontal folding
    Double triangle folding device
  • Main Machine -
    • Servo motor - Accuracy and highspeed @65M/min
    • Malfunction alarm / stop - Abnormal temperature / No material feed / Photocell track miss / Bag jam
    • Upgradeable to Swing-type sealing unit -
      Using servo-synchornized counter movement to the film flow, swing type sealing unit can seal without intervals on the film flow securing strong welding results and increase productivity.
    • Optional Rotary type perforation device
    Main Machine
  • Horinzontal Lip sealing -
      • For lip folding seal, multiple types of sealing are available
        • Continuous hot air type

        • Continuous heat-wire type

        • Up-down sealing type

        • Servo-driven up-down sealing type
    Horinzontal Lip sealing
  • Automatic Splice unit -
    • Dual motor - Driven bobbin feed auto-splices without stopping machine
    Automatic Splice unit
  • Servo-driven semi-circular hole punch + Air-release notch -
    • Servo driven punch provides high reaction speed for high-speed production
    Servo-driven semi-circular hole punch + Air-release notch
  • Edge position control guide unit -
    Edge position control guide unit
  • Unwinder System -
      • High-speed heavy-duty unwinder set
        • Pneumatic lift arm - Allow operator to change heavy film alone and avoid occupational harm
        • Pressor Roller - Motor driven pressor roller helps to unwind film smoothly during high-speed production
    Unwinder System
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